News from New Caledonia: And that’s a wrap!

Despite the bad weather conditions this week, frequent rain and gusty wind that made the crane shots difficult, our team was able to shoot everything that was planned during sunny spells. The material was transported on converted pirogues across the lagoon which made capturing amazing shots possible. Some of the locals even took part in the shooting as actors or extras and did a great job.

The return journey from the Island of Pines to Nouméa had to be done by boat on the high sea, which proved to be a challenge in terms of transportation of the material which had to be harnessed tightly. However, the team arrived safely this weekend with brand new pictures of the shooting:




From left to right: Pierre Petit, Alexandre Weiss, Arnaud Paris












Pictures taken by Jean Louis Gerö



News report from our team filming in New Caledonia


Filming on our new project, a pilot set in New Caledonia, has begun today!

Here are a few pictures of the team:

Despite terrible weather conditions and 10 hours of sailing on a catamaran, the crew arrived safely on Sunday night on the beautiful Island of Pines. The team woke up yesterday to a glorious landscape and plentiful sunshine. The day was spent testing the material (Red Epic 3D cameras and a gyro stabilized head rigged to a crane) and we hope the weather will remain in our favor for the duration of the shooting.





Pierre Petit (left) and Alexandre Weiss preparing the material:










Arnaud Paris, our stereographer:



Pictures taken by Gweltaz Kergouat




Our equipment for aerial shootings

For out past few projects, we have been working in partnership with the french company Soulcam ( that uses RED Epic 3D cameras rigged to a balloon to shoot from the air. Recently, the Soulcam was used while filming Land of the Bears in Russia for a French feature documentary co-produced by James Cameron. This equipment provides us with an amazing versatility of perspective for 3D filming. We will be using this equipment for our projects in development including an IMAX documentary about religious monuments around the world named Sacred Spaces. Filming on this documentary has already begun.

Discover our four pictures of the day, taken in amazing locations:


Ankgor, Canbodia.



The balloon is filled with helium (120m3 per shoot). It is non-motorized and therefore silent, which allows more discretion during the filming. This is a great asset when filming wildlife such as animals in their natural habitat. It is also quite safe, with an autonomous safety valve (for the evacuation of the helium gas), allowing a smooth, non-motorized return to ground level.


Kamtchatka, Russia



Mamounia, Morocco




The technical staff for the airship alone includes five people: a pilot/director of photography, a second pilot, an operator and two technical assistants.


Chenonceau Castle, France



The airship also allows a great freedom of movement in all directions (from 0-30 km/h, maximum altitude from ground level 150 meters), which broadens the range of creative possibilities.




On the road to "Sacred Spaces"

Stereocorp3d went to Korea to shoot 3D images of a documentary film produced by French channel Arte. Here are a few pictures taken on the set...






Here, one of the monks kindly accepted to pray on a wooden installation to be at the same level as the Epic Camera.










The team capturing the most fascinating details of these Buddhist temples : 







Our stereographer preparing Canon 7D cameras on a Motion Control rig for 3D timelapse:







Team effort!




Preparing the shot:




Travelling by night...










And finally, a little change of style to view the images captured at the end of the day... 




In 3D of course!




 More updates will come soon...


Epic 3D on a balloon filming Grizzly bears in Kamtchatka

Wanted to share with you guys one of the coolest projects I got work on lately as a stereographer with the Epic cameras in 3D. 



I'm not allowed to give the title name and production of this project but what I can tell you though is that we filmed almost all summer in 3D with the Epics in Kamtchatka for a feature documentary about grizzly bears in Russia in which Cameron-Pace is involved. StereoCorp3D was also involved on the 3D team and on site-3D-post with a mobile Scratch and LocaRed was providing the Epic cameras for the aerial unit.



I was stereographer on the aerial unit which was using a remote controlled balloon system to approach the bears safely. We shot most of last summer on Lake Kouril (south of Kamtchatka) where grizzly bears feast on all the salmon rushing from the Pacific to reproduce in this area.

This balloon solution has been developed by the company Soulcam in France ( with whom I partnered over the recent years to push this amazing tool towards 3D filming. And let me tell you that with the Epics it did marvels on this project bringing some stunning proximity aerial shots of the bears that as you can imagine I'm not allowed to show here. But I have some BTS footage and a 3D shot of landscape if you read below.

The production decided to use the Soulcam balloon over drones and other aerial solutions as it was the only tool that would allow us to approach the bears quietly while keeping the team at a safe distance. The balloon's freedom of movement would then help us get the full depth of these animals in 3D as they go about their daily life.

The two Epics were on a side-by-side configuration into a gyro stabilized head. A camera operator would control this gyro head to frame the shots while a pilot was controlling the balloon that was equipped with 3 large electric propellers playing along with the wind. A third technician armed with a fishing poll was keeping the balloon connected to the ground through a 200m fishing line, giving more or less length to this wire and positioning himself to help the pilot control the balloon.

One major challenge with this balloon is that since it's filled with a lot of helium (which is expensive) we couldn't deflate it. So we had to move to the various places of interest all over the lake with the balloon attached to a zodiac! Could become quite intense if the wind would suddenly turn stronger and this was a wild lake as far as wind ;)

As a stereographer I had a wireless video feed in anaglyph and a controller that would let me move the Inter Ocular (IO) distance between the two cameras dynamically during the shots to create a proper 3D effect depending on the distance to our subject and the far elements.



On this video you can see our team prepping the camera 3D head before a flight while bears are catching live salmons right behind us!

Here is a video of our team filming over a swamp by the lake at early morning and making a discovery shot over the landscape.

And here is the resulting shot that you can watch in youtube 3D (or you can select to watch it in 2D as well).


(Sorry no bears in this shot, production wouldn't let me show more)

I'll be trying to post more BTS stuff on this thread and put more details about this adventure onto our blog at

Also if you guys are interested I actually have most of the BTS shot in 3D as well, if you'd like I can post them in 3D, just ask!

Hope you'll enjoy it.




48h Film Festival in Paris - An Epic story in 3D

Most people think that shooting 3D with the Epic camera would require a massive team, huge rigs and that it would be impossible to do any kind of run'n'gun indie filming with it. Well earlier this year stereocorp3D took on the challenge of participating in the 48h Film Festival challenge in Paris to prove this isn't true!

For those not familiar with this worldwide contest the idea of the 48h Film Festival is pretty simple. It's basically a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and a team make a movie—write, shoot, edit and score it—in just 48 hours. On Friday night, you get a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre, all to include in your movie. 48 hours later, the movie must be complete.

Our team had 'time travel movie' as genre, the prop was a pair of sunglasses, the character had to be a photographer and our sentence was 'what are you looking at!'.

The script was written over Friday night and by Saturday noon our team was ready to film in Paris. Luckily the weather wasn't too bad, we decided to film on a bridge near the French National Library over the Seine river. It has some nice architecture and a nice bridge that I knew would work well with 3D and fit the story.

The day before with my friend and camera assistant Raphael Palin, we decided to shoot with the lightest possible 3D rig we could come up with using the Atom rig from 3ality Technica. And not only that but I asked Raphael to be able to go shoulder mount with the rig in order to move quickly between setups. This wasn't the first time we had configured the Atom rig to go shoulder mount, so we used our experience to optimize all the accessories for such filming and we used a quickrelease plate system that would let us move from the shoulder mount to the sticks in 20 seconds without turning off the camera.



The atom rig from 3ality Technica not only allowed us to go very lightweight (for an Epic 3D rig believe me, 40lbs is light!) but as a stereographer I had all the bells and whistles I would need on a regular set. This rig is entirely motorized so I had a remote control that let me to change dynamically the interaxial and the convergence during the shots. I also had a monitor that would display an anaglyph signal directly on the rig, as I was also directing the piece it was very important for me to to be able to be next to the camera and the talent.

We used two Zoom Lens 11-16mm customized by Duclos for 3D, Pierre Addoun was our focus puller and he could also remotely change focus on both lens simultaneously using another remote controller system from 3ality Technica that's compatible with Eden motors. Both cameras were perfectly synced TC and Shutter using the SBT box from Denecke so we knew that the post-production would run smoothly.

Antoine Aybes Gilles was DP on this project and he was quite amazed at how efficient this setup was during filming. We filmed all throughout the day about 30 different shots and over 100 takes total in less than 8 hours. Moving from one setup to another was really fast and we would move rapidly from shoulder mount to tripod thanks to the quick release plate system.


Alexandre Weiss was our data manager and he started converting the footage to DNxHD over Saturday night so that we could start editing the movie Sunday morning. There was a bit extra shooting that needed to be done in the morning and our editor bailed out on us at the last minute so I took over the editing by myself on Sunday afternoon while Agnes Vincent was working on the music and Justin Hoss was doing the sound mixing.

I had a little less than 2 hours to conform the piece on Scratch, color grade it and tweak the 3D, that was quite a rush! Obviously I couldn't do as much as I would have liked but we finished the movie just in time before the deadline in the Sunday evening.

Here is a link to the final version that you can watch in 3D on YouTube or in 2D if you don't have any glasses (just select 2D or 3D under the video):

We'll probably make another edit of the movie and fine tune the 3D a bit more but here you get to see what's possible to accomplish in 48h with an Epic3D rig in a run'n'gun style. Getting the Epics on the Atom from 3ality Technica with all the bells and whistles and yet keeping it under 50lbs is quite amazing. We can't wait to go on an indie budget movie with this setup now, with a bit more time than 48h to make the movie!

 Are are a few more BTS pictures:





Aerial 3D filming on feature documentary about bears

StereoCorp3D filming brown bears in Russia on a French feature documentary co-produced by James Cameron and Pace.

StereoCorp3D and its partner Soulcam have gotten onboard another 3D Epic adventure doing aerial filming on a feature documentary about brown bears in Kamtchatca, Russia. This project is produced by 'Les Films en Vrac' and Orange but more recently James Cameron and Vince Pace became involved as well through their mutual company CPG. The movie is shot entirely on Epic3D and we're using a new hellium sphere to carry 2 Epic cameras in the air on a fully gyro stabilized head developped by Soulcam.

This is quite an amazing project as our team will be in complete wildlife immersion on a protected area at the very east of Russia which is as big as Italy where we'll be filming the largest concentration of brown bears on the planet.

Our aerial Epic3D solution was the only tool that would allow to approach quietly the bears at safe distance and yet get the full depth of these animals in 3D as they go in their daily life.

This is the longest time this Soulcam aerial system has ever been used on one session as we will be filming throughout all summer returning to France late August to carry on with post-production on which StereoCorp3D is involved as well doing dailies and first pass color correction and tuning on Assimilate Scratch.

We will be documenting this project on this blog with BTS footage in 3D. While we're on location we will post mostly pictures as we'll only get satellite communication or when we fly back to the nearest city for small breaks.

Stay tuned!


StereoCorp3D Demo Reel

StereoCorp3D is pleased to release its 2011 Demo Reel on YouTube3D Channel.

If you press the 3D button under the video you'll get different options to watch our reel, including simple 2D.


Stereoscopic training in Paris

StereoCorp3D has been offering 3D training for more than 4 years and was also present during the Reducation classes in Los Angeles in 2010 to provide an introduction to stereoscopic filming. It will resume its training in Paris this fall for international audience with a 3D bootcamp focused on practical filming in Paris using paired Red Epic cameras on the 3ality Technica Atom 3D Rig along with using the Canon C500 and a side-by-side 3D rig.

RED 3D stereo

Our facility provides a wide range of setups (from studio to outdoors) and we'll take advantage of the city amazing locations like Montmartre or Notre-Dame (no guerilla filming, all permits).



Trainees will be given the possibility to test the camera under all kind of natural environment (true daylight exterior, tungsten interior, artificial daylight HMI,…) and with a wide variety of equipment.

17 rue Hoche
92240 Malakoff

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