Our equipment for aerial shootings

For out past few projects, we have been working in partnership with the french company Soulcam (www.soulcam.fr) that uses RED Epic 3D cameras rigged to a balloon to shoot from the air. Recently, the Soulcam was used while filming Land of the Bears in Russia for a French feature documentary co-produced by James Cameron. This equipment provides us with an amazing versatility of perspective for 3D filming. We will be using this equipment for our projects in development including an IMAX documentary about religious monuments around the world named Sacred Spaces. Filming on this documentary has already begun.

Discover our four pictures of the day, taken in amazing locations:


Ankgor, Canbodia.



The balloon is filled with helium (120m3 per shoot). It is non-motorized and therefore silent, which allows more discretion during the filming. This is a great asset when filming wildlife such as animals in their natural habitat. It is also quite safe, with an autonomous safety valve (for the evacuation of the helium gas), allowing a smooth, non-motorized return to ground level.


Kamtchatka, Russia



Mamounia, Morocco




The technical staff for the airship alone includes five people: a pilot/director of photography, a second pilot, an operator and two technical assistants.


Chenonceau Castle, France



The airship also allows a great freedom of movement in all directions (from 0-30 km/h, maximum altitude from ground level 150 meters), which broadens the range of creative possibilities.



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