Aerial 3D filming on feature documentary about bears

StereoCorp3D filming brown bears in Russia on a French feature documentary co-produced by James Cameron and Pace.

StereoCorp3D and its partner Soulcam have gotten onboard another 3D Epic adventure doing aerial filming on a feature documentary about brown bears in Kamtchatca, Russia. This project is produced by 'Les Films en Vrac' and Orange but more recently James Cameron and Vince Pace became involved as well through their mutual company CPG. The movie is shot entirely on Epic3D and we're using a new hellium sphere to carry 2 Epic cameras in the air on a fully gyro stabilized head developped by Soulcam.

This is quite an amazing project as our team will be in complete wildlife immersion on a protected area at the very east of Russia which is as big as Italy where we'll be filming the largest concentration of brown bears on the planet.

Our aerial Epic3D solution was the only tool that would allow to approach quietly the bears at safe distance and yet get the full depth of these animals in 3D as they go in their daily life.

This is the longest time this Soulcam aerial system has ever been used on one session as we will be filming throughout all summer returning to France late August to carry on with post-production on which StereoCorp3D is involved as well doing dailies and first pass color correction and tuning on Assimilate Scratch.

We will be documenting this project on this blog with BTS footage in 3D. While we're on location we will post mostly pictures as we'll only get satellite communication or when we fly back to the nearest city for small breaks.

Stay tuned!

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