Stereoscopic training in Paris

StereoCorp3D has been offering 3D training for more than 4 years and was also present during the Reducation classes in Los Angeles in 2010 to provide an introduction to stereoscopic filming. It will resume its training in Paris this fall for international audience with a 3D bootcamp focused on practical filming in Paris using paired Red Epic cameras on the 3ality Technica Atom 3D Rig along with using the Canon C500 and a side-by-side 3D rig.

RED 3D stereo

Our facility provides a wide range of setups (from studio to outdoors) and we'll take advantage of the city amazing locations like Montmartre or Notre-Dame (no guerilla filming, all permits).



Trainees will be given the possibility to test the camera under all kind of natural environment (true daylight exterior, tungsten interior, artificial daylight HMI,…) and with a wide variety of equipment.

17 rue Hoche
92240 Malakoff

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