Scratch 3D and VFX

StereoCorp3D is able to offer one of the most advanced, professional and cost effective grading services to date. We use a DI conforming and grading system from Assimilate called 'Scratch' which can grade in real time stereo footage in high definition as well as 2k for cinema release.
Our system can handle infinite layers of 5K 3D footage with primary and secondary colour correction, power windows and keys applied to each layer. Assimilate Scratch grades the footage in their highest quality, either on Red Camera files (R3D) in their native RAW format or as 10bit DPX sequences in a 32 bit floating point colour space. There is no other system that can work as quickly and efficiently when conforming and grading 3D 5K Red Camera footage.
StereoCorp3D has also developped a VFX pipeline that covers usual titling to high-end photorealistic CGI compositing in live 3D footage or full stereoscopic animation.
Our camera tracking and compositing solutions are able to minimize the cost for your production while enhancing the 3D effects in very effective ways. 

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