Post-Production StereoCorp3D

Stereocorp3D also provides a large selection of 3D post-production services with state of the art equipment and the latest digital stereoscopic workflows.

Our 3D pipeline based on high resolution images from the Red Digital cameras is able to output masters ranging from HD to 5K.

Here is a comprehensive list of the post services from Stereocorp3D
-R3D conversion to ProRes or DNxHD (Final Cut or Avid editing) faster than real time turnover
-data management on the set and in post for securing your footage (LTO4 archiving)
-HD color grading on DaVinci suite with 3D display in real time (including 4K and 5K source)
-2D or stereoscopic motion graphics and compositing
-2D or stereoscopic stabilisation based on 3D tracking information
-DCP encoding from 2K or 4K master for digital cinema projection

Stereocorp3D also offers a complete ‘dimensionalisation’ service (2D to 3D conversion)  for various types of footage.

For all of our services we provide a free audit for your project through our team of 3D consultants and 3D producers to offer you the best solution for your project and budget. This aspect is very important to ensure that the requirements of filming 3D are not incurring extra costs above an acceptable level for your production. S3D aims at keeping these extra-costs between 15% and 30%.

Stereocorp3D also ensure that the final screen size projection is taken into consideration during filming which is a key factor for 3D content creation. Our post-production pipeline is also able to provide different maters according to the different screen sizes that your project will be distributed onto (theatre release, blu-ray release, internet streaming, etc.).









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