Innovative 3D filming and post-production

StereoCorp3D is a one-stop 3D services company for projects operating worldwide. Our team has developed a comprehensive, script-to-screen service providing content creators with a streamlined workflow to shoot and post-produce 3D projects in HD, 4K and 6K resolution.
StereoCorp3D offers:
  • a team of stereoscopic specialists experienced in the entire 3D production and post-production pipeline
  • in-depth 3D training programs with instructors like Thierry Pouffari whose stereoscopic credits include Asterix 3D and Wim Wender’s Pina 3D.
  • a full post-production pipeline optimized for 3D with tools like Scratch that can handle up to 4K RED stereoscopic in real time
  • executive production services for 3D projects with financing consulting to benefit from French and European subsidies
  • Customer strategy and marketing consulting. Specializing in go-to-market strategy, crowdfunding, CRM and social and community marketing
The new Electron lightweight 3D rig with the coming generation of RED Dragon cameras are available through StereoCorp3D and its partner RVZ/LocaRed in France and BlackList Digital in Los Angeles.
BlackList Digital

Feel free to contact us for a phone meeting to discuss the requirements of your project and find solutions to carry out your 3D production in France or Europe in the most effective way.

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